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Ah... the turquoise waters of Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman Beach I've always been suspicious of those photographs of beaches like this, knowing the photos can be manipulated, but seeing is believing! The sand was a perfect white, and the water was crystal clear (over 100 foot visibility under water). Sting Ray City
We had looked forward to doing a dive at Sting Ray City, but as the departure date drew near, Chris contacted various dive shops, and they all reported choppy seas and a poor prospect of diving in that spot while we were there. OK, reset expectations. Any dive in those waters has got to be good! Chris did a fabulous wall dive (where the bottom drops vertically from 50 feet to 1000 feet), and I went snorkeling with the rest of the gang.
And We're Off to Jamaica!
Climbing Dunn's River Falls We anchored at Ocho Rios and opted for a tour that included Fern Gully, the Shaw Park botanical gardens, and Dunn's River Falls. All but one in our group of 19 made the climb, which was far more difficult than we had anticipated. It was a bit frightening at times, but mostly exhilarating. The water was unexpectedly cold, but the adrenaline soon take care of that!
At the top of the falls, the ship's photographer was waiting to take pictures of passengers who'd made the climb. Since taking photos on the climb required a waterproof camera, and we hadn't brought one, we were happy to let the ship's photographer take our picture... and then buy it. The end of the climb
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