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  Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Australia cruise Hobart Tasmania Hobart Tasmania Mt. Nelson
Hobart (Australia's second-oldest city) is the largest city on Tasmania (an island off the coast of Australia), yet it has the charm of a small fishing village. We bought all-day bus passes, and rode up to the top of Mt. Nelson for an overview of the city.
Hobart Tasmania Moorilla Vineyards wine-tasting Hobart Tasmania colrful rooftops
We did some wine-tasting at Moorilla Vineyards, and had lunch there. The different colored rooftops added appeal to the residential areas.
Hobart Tasmania Salamanca Place warehouses Hobart Tasmania Salamanca Place musical entertainment
Salamanca Place consists of 1640s warehouses that have been converted into shops and restaurants. We spent some time listening to the musical entertainment, and watching the children dance, in one of the courtyards of Salamanca Place.

The people of Hobart gave us the best send-off of the entire cruise when our ship departed. There was a bagpipe band playing, and the children had sparklers to wave. The townsfolk were waving and bidding us farewell. People in cars were flashing their headlights at the ship, and we were shining our flashlight back at them.
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