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  Biking, Fallen Leaf Lake, Angora Lakes

Lake Tahoe coyotes Lake Tahoe geese
After crossing the bike bridge over Trout Creek, we saw these coyotes on Truckee Marsh. At Camp Richardson's beach, we saw that the Canadian Geese had already started their winter migration.
Lake Tahoe Forest Visitor Center Lake Tahoe Stream Profile Center
The National Forest Service operates a Visitor Center where Taylor Creek empties into Lake Tahoe. The Stream Profile Center allows you to see above and below the water. We could see rainbow trout in the creek, but we were a few weeks too early for the salmon run.
Lake Tahoe Fallen Leaf lake Lake Tahoe Angora Ridge
We wanted to do some canoeing, but on a lake smaller than Tahoe, so we drove a few miles to adjacent Fallen Leaf Lake. But they only had kayaks for rent, so we drove on towards the Angora Lakes. As we drove along the mostly dirt Angora Ridge Road, we had a nice view of Fallen Leaf Lake below.
Lake Tahoe Angora Lake Lake Tahoe kayak
When we arrived at Upper Angora Lake, we found that they didn't have canoes either. So we rented a kayak for two and paddled around the lake a few times.
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