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  Conchas Chinas, coconuts, parrots, para-glider, Marigalante pirate ship

View of Conchas Chinas beach below the resort Coconut tree next to villa
Here's another view of Conchas Chinas beach below the resort. This tree next to our villa was loaded with coconuts, but we couldn't quite reach them.
Puerto Vallarta parrots Puerto Vallarta paraglider
Everyday a flock of small, noisy parrots (Mexican parakeets, perhaps) would roost in a tree next to the resort. There are four in this photo. One day we spotted something we'd never seen before. It seemed like a cross between a hang-glider and a para-sailor. We found out later that it's called a para-glider.
Puerto Vallarta Marigalante pirate ship cruise View from inside master bedroom
Twice a day the Marigalante pirate ship would cruise past the resort. Each night they would shoot fireworks from the ship. This is the view from inside the master bedroom.
Ocho Cascadas kitchen Ocho Cascadas bench
Here's a look at the kitchen. This is the long sofa along the outer edge of the deck.
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