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  Paso Robles Winetasting RV Trip - Page 2 of 4

    Pear Valley Vineyards

Barley cat in closet

Barley, our "scaredy cat," hid in the closet for awhile, before finally getting brave enough to look out the windows.

Cooper cat in RV

Cooper, the "curious cat," immediately began exploring every inch of his new RV home.

Cooper cat in RV

Cooper has always enjoyed trying to grab our toes when we sit on the toilet at home. It's a more dangerous game in the RV though, because the bathroom is so small that it's hard to keep our feet away from his grasping paws!

Cooper cat in RV

Driving the RV

This was Ann's first try at driving the RV on some backcountry roads.

Pear Vally Vineyards driveway

This is the long gravel driveway to the Pear Vally Vineyards, where we stopped for wine-tasting while driving to our second night's destination.

Pear Vally Vineyards tasting room

The Pear Vally Vineyards tasting room was surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Pear Vally Vineyards tasting room

We could see our RV parked from the tasting room window.

Kitties squeezed into one cat cozy

After our next drive, we found both kitties squeezed into one "cat cozy." We were glad that they could comfort each other when they got scared of the RV noise and movement.

Rio Seco Winery sign

For our second night, we stopped at Rio Seco Winery, another member of the Harvest Host network. When we stepped out of our RV, their "greeter dog" came trotting over to us, then led us into the Tasting Room (constantly checking that we were following him). Then he laid down behind the tasting bar. The owner Carol Hinkle and her daughters were gracious hosts, and we enjoyed all the wines they poured (especially the Cabernet Sauvignon and the MVP Reserve blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

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