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    Downtown, Old Town, 5th Avenue District, Southbridge

scottsdale downtown trolley scottsdale 5th avenue district fountain
Judging from the previous pages, you probably think we never left the resort, but we actually did get out and explore Scottsdale. The free Scottsdale Trolley is a great way to get around, and it visits all the Downtown Districts (Old Town, 5th Avenue, Fashion Square, Southbridge, Waterfront, and Arts). Here is the Trolley Route Map. The Downtown area has many statues, sculptures, fountains, and other works of public art.
scottsdale southbridge sidewalk flowers scottsdale streetcorner landscaping
The streets are nicely decorated with fountains, potted flowers, etc. And the street corners are landscaped with rocks, trees, raised planters, benches, etc.
scottsdale 5th avenue district shops scottsdale southbridge waterfront arizona canal
The 5th Avenue District of shops & galleries is a nice area for walking along the tree-shaded streets. The Arizona Canal runs through the Southbridge and Waterfront districts, and is bordered by the 16-mile long Arizona Canal Trail.
scottsdale restaurant patio misters scottsdale rubber stamper frenzy store
Most restaurants & bars have these misters on their patios, which do a great job of lowering the temperature in a dry climate. No vacation would be complete without Ann visiting the local rubber stamp store!
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