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    Ketchikan, Creek Street, Funicular

Ketchikan salmon
Alaskan husky, Ketchikan

Ketchikan is famous for its salmon fishing.

While this carriage-driver was waiting for customers, his husky was taking a break to soak up some sun.

Ketchikan seaplanes Ketchikan Creek Street

Every marina has its share of seaplanes!

Creek Street is a collection of shops and restaurants built on pilings along the edge of Ketchikan Creek.

Ketchikan Creek Street brothel
Ketchikan Creek Street Funicular
In the early days of Ketchikan, Creek Street was the "red light" district.

The Funicular isn't quite a mountain tram or cable car, but I suppose we'll ride it anyway!

Ketchikan Creek Street totems Ketchikan Creek Street Funicular
The hotel at the top of the hill had these totems on display.
From the top of the Funicular, we could see how close our ship was.
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