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    Ketchikan, Creek Street

Ketchikan Creek Street
Ketchikan Creek Street

Time to try some more Alaskan beer (except for that Corona in Ann's hand)!

Snowcapped mountains sure do help make a town look scenic.

Ketchikan shops
Ketchikan bear

Ann is such an experienced shopper, she can window-shop while walking down the middle of the street.

But she couldn't resist stopping for a bear hug outside this souvenir shop.

Ketchikan neighborhood houses
Alaskan cruise dinner
As the ship pulled away from Ketchikan, we passed this pretty hillside neighborhood.

Now for the biggest decision of the day... "What are we going to choose for dinner?"

cruise towel sculpture monkey
alaska cruise midnight sun
Now that's a fancy Carnival Cruises towel critter!
Waiting for sunset in the "land of the midnight sun"...
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