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    Elbow Cay, Mermaid's Ridge beach house

We vacationed with our friends Scott and Karin (from Florida) on the tiny island of Elbow Cay in the Bahamas, in February of 2000. Elbow Cay is part of the Abacos group of islands, at the northern end of the Bahamas. The island is only about 6 miles long, and less than half a mile wide. There's only one town; the charming village of Hopetown, located at the northern end of the island.
Bahamas beach house rental Bahamas rental home
Here's the house we rented, called Mermaid's Ridge, and the golf cart for getting around on the island. There are almost no cars on the island, except for taxis. The house was located right on the beach, at the southern end of the island.
Bahamas beach house deck view Bahamas house deck
The deck on the back of the house afforded this view... ...and we sure enjoyed it!
Bahamas Tahiti beach Bahamas beach storm clouds
There were lots of beautiful beaches to explore... ...and some dark clouds didn't diminish their beauty at all.
Bahamas boat rental dock Bahamas beached boat
Of course we had to rent a boat for exploring the many islands. Sometimes we could bring the boat right up to shore...
Bahamas boat anchor Bahamas beer
...and sometimes the water was so shallow that we had to anchor offshore and wade to the beach. I was entrusted with the all-important task of bringing the beer ashore. It certainly helped to have a floating cooler!
Bahamas starfish Bahamas shark
We saw lots of pretty things while walking to shore in the very clear water, such as this large starfish. Hard to believe, but this photo was taken while standing in waist-deep water.

We came across some not-so-pretty things as well, like this shark swimming by.

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