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    Shell collecting, snorkeling

Bahamas beach

Bahamas Hopetown lighthouse view
This beach might look a little rocky, but it was still a comfortable spot for sitting with a beer! Here's another view of Hope Town from the lighthouse.
Bahamas rocky beach Bahamas boat ride
That's Scott and Karin way down the empty beach. Here's Karin and Ann enjoying a day on the boat..
Bahamas beach walk Bahamas beach sunrise
What a bunch of typical Bahamas tourists! Believe it or not, we did get up early enough to see the sunrise once.
Bahamas rocky shore Bahamas starfish
Some interesting rock formations along shore. While searching for a conch shell for Karin, I found this large starfish.
Bahamas conch shell Bahamas conchs
Plenty of conchs at this spot; a virtual conch hotel! The trophies on display back at the house.
Bahamas hurricane devastation Bahamas road sign
Elbow Cay was hit by the eye of Hurricane Floyd (a Category 5 storm). This swept-clean section of the island used to have 9 houses. This whimsical detour sign marks where the road used to be, and shows that the storm didn't destroy the Bahamians' sense of humor.
Bahamas sandbags Bahamas ferry
The effect of the internet can be seen even in something as "low tech" as sandbags.

Our vacation was so fun, we were still smiling even while waiting for the ferry that would start our journey home.

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