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Our Furry Family Members

Welcome to the purr-r-r-fect section of our Web site! If you're not a cat lover,
you should probably turn back now.

Moki looking out of beer carton This is Moki, a.k.a. Moki-Girl, GG (Garbage-Girl), Office-Girl, Mountain-climbin' Moki (she climbs up the exterior stucco walls of the house—when she's allowed outside, and shimmies up doorjambs inside—her personal best, about 5 feet!).

This is Harley, a.k.a. Harley-Boy, Spider Man, Jelly Belly. Can this cat purr—what a motor! Thus Chris came up with the name Harley (as in Davidson). Don't let this angelic face fool you, he's a little devil. Harley laying by the urns
We adopted Harley from the Animal Hospital of Thousand Oaks, whereas Moki came from mom's friend—thank you Patti!. You should have heard Harley purr the moment he laid eyes on Chris!

Moki sitting on my shoulder-front When Moki was little, she climbed up me like a tree and sat on my shoulder to watch what I was doing, usually preparing dinner. This was a common occurrence when she was little. It was so endearing, and I do miss those days. But alas, they must grow up.