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  Just relaxing around the resort...

Marriott Kauai Beach Club Aupaka Terrace Marriott Kauai Beach Club jacuzzi spas
The structures around the edge of the pool house the Jacuzzi spas. Above the spas was the Aupaka Terrace, where you can sit and enjoy a tropical drink. Of course, Jacuzzis always seem more inviting at night!
Marriott Kauai Beach Club Aupaka Terrace tropical drinks Marriott Kauai Beach Club Aupaka Terrace reading
Here we are enjoying tropical drinks on the Aupaka Terrace. We also spent some time on the Terrace reading and people-watching.
Marriott Kauai Beach Club coconut palms Marriott Kauai Beach Club landscaped roof
This is the view looking down from the 12-story building we stayed in. There was a 3-story building between us and the beach. But Marriott had landscaped the roof of the smaller building, so that we wouldn't have to look at an unattractive roof. We'd never seen that before! There were plenty of coconut palms on the property, and we always love the view of the water through the trees.
Marriott Kauai Beach Club walkway Marriott Kauai Beach Club cliff elevator
This is the walkway along the beach. Several restaurants were located at one end of the walkway. At the other end of the walkway was the entrance to an elevator built into the hillside.   It takes you up to the golf and tennis area.
Marriott Kauai Beach Club sailing catamaran rental Marriott Kauai Beach Club kayak rental
After looking at these catamarans, we decided to take one for a sail. It kept us so busy that we didn't have a chance to take any pictures! We never got around to using the kayaks, but they made a nice photo backdrop.
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