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Incredible views of Banderas Bay

Our favorite timeshare resort is Ocho Cascadas ("Eight Waterfalls" in Spanish). We think it is the most romantic getaway in the world. The resort is located in the fashionable Conchas Chinas neighborhood on the southern edge of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It is built into the hillside in a stairstep design, allowing each villa to be totally open to the beautiful views of Banderas Bay, while maintaining privacy. Each villa has a private pool, which cascades into the pool below.

We first visited Ocho Cascadas in 1998 by exchanging our Marriott Desert Springs week. We loved it so much that we started looking for an Ocho Cascadas week to own, and were finally able to buy one in 2002.

For information on visiting this very special & unique resort, either by renting, or by purchasing a week in the completely refurbished and upgraded resort, please read our Ocho Cascadas FAQ page.
Ocho Cascadas pools side view
Ocho Cascadas view of pools below Looking downward, the gorgeous view consists of the blue-tiled pools below, the cascading flowers everywhere, the red tile roofs of the Conchas Chinas neighborhood, and the turqoise waters of Banderas Bay.
Looking upward, this is your view of the villas above. Wherever you look, the view includes cascading Bougainvillea and Copa de Oro (Cup of Gold) flowers, accentuated by the bright white stucco and deep blue sky. Ocho Cascadas view above Villa 6 pool
Ocho Cascadas view from pool of Villa 6 This is your view while relaxing in the pool of Villa Six. The large sun-deck below with Palapa bar belongs to Villa Three. For this reason, the weekly Welcome Party is usually held at Villa Three, if not at the Villa Ten penthouse.

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