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Ocho Cascadas Refurbishment/Renovation/Re-Sale, Page 3 of 3

Ownership Details

First, a review. When Ocho Cascadas was originally sold as a timeshare resort back in 1982, the weeks were sold on a "Right-To-Use" (RTU) basis, and that RTU contract expired at the end of 2009. Then, the resort owners (the wife & sons of the original architect/builder Ed Giddings) agreed to extend the RTU for another three years (2010-2012). But that usage period has now ended as well, and the resort was temporarily closed for over two years.

The resort was then completely refurbished & renovated. It is now being sold as a timeshare resort again, but this time forever (i.e. in perpetuity).

The new Club Ocho Cascadas Forever Membership Program is not a right-to-use contract, but actual ownership of the land and building.

As shown in the previous two pages, the resort was enhanced and upgraded with many improvements such as:

  • Air-conditioned bedrooms
  • Enlarged second bedroom
  • More ceiling fans in the living area
  • New plumbing
  • New grounded (3-prong) electrical wiring
  • Granite countertops
  • Stainless-steel kitchen appliances
  • Non-slip stone tile flooring
  • Additional overhead lighting
  • Beautiful accent lighting
  • Elevators!
The price list for purchasing a week in the New Ocho Cascadas is rather complicated. The price is different for each villa, because each villa is unique, with different square footage, features and views. Also, the year is divided into five 'seasons' (Summer, Shoulder, Winter, Prime Winter and Holiday) with different prices for each. Rather than try to list all price combinations here, we'll just summarize by saying that the retail prices range from under $10,000 for Villa One in the Summer, to a high of about $133,000 for the Penthouse during the Holidays.

Fortunately, there are a series of discounts available, which can be combined to make ownership in this incredible resort quite affordable:

  • A 10% Member Discount is available via this website (even if you're not a previous owner).
  • A 10% Cash Discount if not financing.
  • A 5% Multiple-Weeks Discount.
If you would like more information about this wonderful opportunity to own a piece of paradise, just contact me at this email address:
Email address
Be sure to provide your phone number and email address, so that a resort representative can contact you with detailed information on pricing and current availability.

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