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  Sea World's Discovery Cove & Celebration, FL

Discovery Cove Flowers Discovery Cove Foliage
The landscaping was beautiful throughout Discovery Cove park, with abundant colorful flowers and interesting tropical foliage.
Discovery Cove Beach Discovery Cove Park Map
Towards the end of the day, we sat in the shallow water at one of the many beaches, and enjoyed a couple beers.
Click the image above for a full-screen version of the Discovery Cove resort map.
Town of Celebration, FL Celebration FL Lakeside Fountain
One day we decided to go see the latest Star Wars movie, and the closest theater was in a nearby town called Celebration. We were a little disappointed in the movie, but the town was incredibly charming. Everything about Celebration seemed too perfect to be real. It was quaint, yet modern. It was exceptionally clean, and the people were friendly. We felt like we were in a Disney theme park.
Celebration FL Lakeside Rocking Chairs Brad & Marge Collins
It turns out that the town of Celebration was indeed designed and built by Disney. No wonder it seems so perfect! Chris' parents Brad & Marge came to stay with us for the last few days of our trip, and we had a great time just eatin', drinkin' and talkin'.
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