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  Conejo Valley

We live in a wonderful little city named Thousand Oaks, which is located about an hour northwest of Los Angeles. We really love living here, and would like to share with you some of the highlights of the area. Thousand Oaks area map
Thousand Oaks Conejo Valley rabbit Thousand Oaks is in an area called Conejo Valley ("conejo" is Spanish for "rabbit", and is pronounced "ko-nay'-ho"). Yes, there really are a lot of rabbits in the valley.
And yes, there really are a thousand oak trees (more than that, actually, but the "official thousand" have little brass tags on their trunks). Thousand Oaks Mall
Thousand Oaks aerial view Geographically speaking, Thousand Oaks is on the valley floor at an elevation of about a thousand feet, and the surrounding mountains rise up to about three thousand feet. A narrow pass runs through the mountains about nine miles to the ocean, and lets a cool breeze flow into the valley. We have a nice micro-climate here that is usually ten degrees cooler than L.A. in the summer. And the mountains act as a barrier to L.A.'s smog (which has been decreasing every year for the past two decades, by the way).
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