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  Preserving the Look

The city has tough restrictions on architecture
and signage that help to beautify the town.
As you enter the city limits on the freeway,
suddenly all billboard signs disappear,
as do power lines and telephone lines.
Gas stations don't have tall revolving pole signs.
Even McDonald's had to 'mini-size' its giant golden arches.
Thousand Oaks gas service station Thousand Oaks McDonalds restaurant
And chain stores such as Circuit City and Best Buy,
which usually have very recognizable store and sign designs,
have been redesigned to blend in with the community.
Thousand Oaks Circuit City store Thousand Oaks Best Buy store
I really like the wide, tree-lined streets.
Most major streets are divided boulevards,
with wide sidewalks and bikepaths.
It's easy to find your way around,
because major intersections boast
large wooden street signs in the median
approaching the intersection, and street
signs at the intersection itself are hung
from the stoplights, and are lit at night, of course.
Thousand Oaks
Thousand Oaks bike path trail Thousand Oaks street sign
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