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  Entertainment and Education

We originally liked the idea that we were not too far from L.A., so that we could drive into the big city to see a concert or a play. But Thousand Oaks recently built a great Civic Arts Plaza, which is the largest facility between L.A. and San Fransisco. Now big-name entertainment and Broadway shows come right to us! To see what's happening now, check out the Civic Arts Plaza web site. Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza
Thousand Oaks Summer Concerts in Park And on the more casual side, the city hosts a series of 'concerts in the park' each summer.
The city library is terrific. It ranks as one of the largest and busiest in the nation. In addition to a collection of 400,000 books, it offers 7,000 videocassettes, 2,500 compact discs, 8,500 books-on-tape, subscriptions to 960 magazines and 27 newspapers. They also offer access to computers, scanners, printers, internet access, and software CD-ROMs for check-out. Thousand Oaks City Library
You can use your PC to log onto the library computer system and search the library database to see if a book is in stock before going to the library. Click here to check out the Thousand Oaks Library website.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of our little town!

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